Doomernik Dragon, still going strong

Since its founding in 1990, Doomernik Yachts has grown into an internationally recognized yard. Starting with the Dragon, a symbol of classic beauty for ninety years. This tradition was reborn with the Doomernik Dragon.

Within the limits of the class rules, we developed a Dragon that distinguishes itself in terms of hull stiffness, quality, and speed. Of course, our Dragons are finished with the same great eye for detail as all the other yachts we build.

Top-notch restoration work

Nowadays, the Doomernik Dragons sail all over the world: from Australia to Japan, from Sweden to the USA. Although the number of Dragons we build has been reduced by the development of other yachts, we still do top-notch restoration work and occasionally build a brand new one.

Nowadays, the Doomernik Dragons sail all over the world
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